Vehcile Management

The Vehicle Management System service-enables Vehicle Management for Automotive, which is run by automotive importers and distribution centers.

Using the services in this, importers and distribution centers can provide a composite application for their dealers to enable them to search for available vehicles and order vehicles that match a customer's specifications.

Manage vehicle, store all important data about vehicle.

Such as asset tracking, manage daily activities, get automatic calculation of finance

You can also specify your functionality as Admin, Superadmin Inventory manager & other employees activities.

That helps you to keep your all information in one place.

Get report & ensure sustainable business growth..

To get income and expenses report of all vehicles.

To get vehicle wise parts uses report.

About Vehcile Management

To get an easy traceable stock and product system

All over regular and irregular expenses.

Customize the report according to business requirements

Optimized control on vehicle and driver allocation.

Delivers instant information on vehicle fitness and fuel tracking.

Vehcile Management

  • System administrators
  • Sales and importer representatives
  • Dealers
  • Generate detailed estimates for specific vehicle configurations

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