Product Sales System

Product Sales Management System. Lead, contact, account and deal management.

The basic requirement for any sales team is to be able to manage and organize sales information efficiently.

Sales pipeline management. Email and phone. Sales process automations and Integrations.

It is used in marketing and sales management.

It starts with a sale and finish with sending invoice to all customers.

It is a system to recode all steps accrues in the sales process.

Reduces duplication information, collects potential customers information.

Sales process to help salesmen organizing their entire customer accounts.

This system can provide statistic analysis

To increase customers’ satisfaction for the sales department.

Product Sales System

Provide marketing research results to staffs for sales forecasting

We can diffenciate who are the most valuable customer and who are the worst one.

Increase productivity and profit and reduce production cost.

Control the department more efficiently

Better service or products in order to make customers get more than they expected.

Product Sales System

  • Lead, contact, account and deal management
  • Manage and organize sales information efficiently
  • Sales pipeline management.
  • Sales process automations.
  • Integrations
  • Analytics and forecasting

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