Multi Billing Management

Multi Billing management software is simple, flexible, activity-based billing system .

Supports Exchange feature which allows setting of multiple exchange prices for

Multiple businesses and want to maintain your business transactions in a single database

You can maintain your businesses with multiple accounting books.

Create logins for your employees and give the access for certain company

At any point of time you can view your accounting ledgers, profit and loss, balance sheet etc.

If you login with multiple companies, you can see all the transactions of all the companies.

It is absolutely transparent to the user and all access is managed internally.

To get the information on the overall accounts and profit and loss statements.

Multi Billing Management

Transform your billing platform into a single source of truth for all things finance.

Good subscription billing solution goes far beyond just being ‘software’.

The customers know about declined payments, and easily keeping a track of all of these actions.

Multi Billing Management

  • Provisions to capture additional information
  • Hold bill is great feature to hold a particular bill & resume it after some time
  • Facility to maintain scanned copies of important documents
  • Supports retail & tax invoice
  • Auto recovery & Offline billing possible if connection with server is disturbed
  • Due bill payment feature allows processing of unsettled bills
  • Facility to maintain manufacturer, supplier & your own product code

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